SWL Invitational Cup final results

A disrupted weekend due to player shortages meant that not all the play-off matches could take place. However, the ultimate Champions are Cheltenham - huge congratulations to them for a fantastic season!  Full results below:







SWL Premier League final standings and results


A fantastic final tournament at Westonbirt School on Sunday, 3 April saw 7 league matches and 5 friendly fixtures played out.  The final standings can be seen below and the full results schedule can be downloaded here.  Huge congratulations to Bristol Bombers 1 who will face the SE Division 1 winners at National Clubs' Championships on 8 May!





SWL Premier League - final tournament 3 April 2022 

Results of the very busy final tournament below!  'Friendly' matches (not counting towards League points) are in italics.


Apologies to Bristol Bombers 2 - their score against Cirencester should read: Cirencester 1 - 5 Bristol Bombers 2!


SWL Invitational Cup 2022

Positional play-off matches - Sunday 10 April 2022


SWL Invitational Cup 2022

Final round-robin match results



SWL Invitational Cup 2022 - standings (and points) before final round on 27 March 2022 and then it's positional play-offs on 10 April!









SWL Premier League - results and standings before final tournament on 3 April 2022!



Tournament 4 was cancelled due to inclement weather and resulting pitch conditions





SWL Development Tournaments

There were two well attended and much enjoyed tournaments this season with teams travelling from all over region to pit themselves against new opposition.  Results and positions from the two events below:




SWWL Confirmed Competition dates for 2021-22 season 

The confirmed competition dates for the forthcoming season are as follow (all Sundays):


League Tournaments

26th September 2021

24th October 2021

21st November 2021 + Development Tournament

20th February 2022 + Development Tournament

13th March 2022

3rd April 2022


Invitational Cup match days

10th October 2021

7th November 2021

5th December 2021

6th March 2022

27th March 2022

10th April 2022


There have been some changes to the teams participating in the Cup and the fixtures.  Revised schedule can be seen here.



The League tournaments will take place at Westonbirt School, Westonbirt, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8QG.  Invitational Cup matches will be on a home/away basis.


Possible indoor tournament on 23rd January 2022 - yet to be confirmed.


If you haven't already done so, please complete the form here to show your club's Intention to Play and in which competitions!