Coronavirus Guidance and Support for Clubs



Coronavirus Help and Information - Playing Lacrosse Advice

For everything you need to help you continue playing lacrosse at this time, please go to this webpage. Please share this content with your players so that they are able to practice in a safe way and remind them to keep up to date with the guidlines set out by EL, in line with Sport England and government advice. 


Coronavirus Help and Information - Club Advice

England Lacrosse have a dedicated webpage with resources available for download to help your club through this time. This can be found here. Please make your committees familiar with this content and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. EL have also released a support document with advice on how lacrosse may restart which can be downloaded here. You can find more details on this by downloading this presentation - please discuss this with your committees and start to think about how you can implement some of these steps as we move forward. 


Updates from England Lacrosse

For all up to date information from England Lacrosse, please go to there webpage which can be found here



Support for South West Clubs


As a committee, we would like to echo the above advice to the clubs and players in our region. As you will be aware, we have suspended the Senior League 2019/20 season and will be updating all clubs with a suitable end to the current season and how we will be proceeding for next season.  

Sport England have released some support documents for clubs/organisations during this lockdown period which can be found and downloaded here. We would encourage all club committees to take a look through these documents. Please let us know if we can help you with anything at this time by emailing seniorleague@southwestlacrosse.co.uk