Junior Regoinal Team
Senior Regional Team

Junior Trials & Training 2016/17:

4th December @ St. Helen's & St Katherine's

8th January @ Cheltenham Ladies College


The South West Regional Coaches are delighted to announce the 2 squads representing the South West at this year's regional tournament. A huge thank you to everyone who took part and congratulations to those selected!


A team

Lizzie Evans

Bella Bowater

Eliza McCreery

Iona Westwood

Ella Harris

Zoe Dickson

Annabel Fenton

Isabelle Edwards

Emily Oram

Zimeng Wu

Katie Green

Mia Hurst

Ella Windsor Lewis

Amelia Hatlapa

Harriet Austen

Zoe Lovibond

Florence Harting

Becky Coleman (G)



B team

Ellen Jackson (A team Reserve)

Isobel Viola (A team Reserve)

Mia Stares

Jessica Westwood

Polly Shishton

Amelia Chilvers

Georgina Evans

Caroline Renchley

Georgia Pennington

Sophie Hepenstal

Maddie Turner

Eloise Ross

Abby Hunnings

Juliet Banks

Flora Guy

Millie Parsons

Serena Kaveh

Riki Auton (G)


Non-Travelling Reserves

Jacqueline Ransley (NTR)

Hebe Edger (NTR)

Lulu Goad (NTR)

Georgia Crane (NTR)