South West Women's Premiership League


This year, the South West Women's League has undergone a restructure. The Premiership League replaces the five monthly tournaments held at Westonbirt and the February tournament which is on astro (six tournaments in total). With the new league structure, teams will play each team twice over the course of the season, playing a minimum of two and a maximum of three matches each fixture weekend. The final weekend will be organised into the top four teams playing each other and the bottom four teams playing each other. The team with the highest number of league points at the end of the final tournament, including all previous tournament results, shall be deemed the winner of the league and go on to represent in the National Club Championships.  

The league rules and regulation document can be found at 'Rules and Regulations.' Rules and regulations for the Premiership League specifically can be downloaded here. Be sure to read both documents carefully and if you have any questions, contact the league secretary at seniorleague@southwestlacrosse.co.uk


Premiership League Dates


Sunday 6th October - Westonbirt, Tetbury

Sunday 27th October - Westonbirt, Tetbury

Sunday 24th November - Westonbirt, Tetbury

Sunday 9th February - Westonbirt, Tetbury

Sunday 8th March - Westonbirt, Tetbury

Sunday 29th March - Westonbirt, Tetbury