Senior Regional Trials


The South West Women's Lacrosse Regional Trials will take place on Sunday 3rd December 2017 at 10am - 3pm, at St Helen & St Katherine's School.


The second trials/training day will take place on Sunday 14th January 2018, 9.30am - 3.30pm at St Swithun's School, Winchester

These are open trials to select 2 squads to represent the South West at the Regional Tournament, usually held in March.

Players are expected to attend either the December or January date to trial and must be available for the Regional Tournament in March. You should aim to make both all trial and training dates. Please note the key dates and the format of how SW regionals operate its trials:

3rd December - Trials @ St Helen's & St Katherine's School, Abingdon
14th January - Training (& Trials for those who can't make December) @ St Swithun's, Winchester
25th February - Training
March - Regional Tournament

Trials Format

Players are expected to complete the Registration Form by 12pm - 1st December 2017 after which the Form will close. Please note, if you do not register by the deadline, you can turn up on the 3rd December and register at the start of the day.

All players should aim to make the primary trial date in December, but we know that sometimes you may have unavoidable commitments, therefore if you can't make this date you will be allowed to trial in January as long as you have notified us on your Form or by email before the trial date. Likewise please notify us on your form if you cannot make the January date and are attending the December one.

Please note, that if you have registered to attend the December date, but fail to notify us before the 3rd December that you can no longer make it, you will not be allowed to attend the January date to trial.

Please note that we never ever select anyone for the south west team if they have not attended either the December or January date. No exceptions will be made and this has always been our policy.

The cost of trialling is £22 for non-students and £20 for students. There will be further fees for those that are selected; these are used only to cover the costs of running the regional teams.

If you would like to trial then please complete this Registration Form.