Another year of record entires!

18 teams have entered the South West league for the 2017/18 season - up from 13 teams last year!

We are delighted to welcome to following teams to this year's league:

Cheltenham Cougars

Falmouth University


Welsh Dragons

South Coast Seagulls 2


The full list of teams in the league this year are:

Bath City

Bristol Bombers 1

Bristol Bombers 2

Bristol University

Birmingham City

Cardiff Harlequins

Cardiff Nebula

Cheltenham Cougars

Exeter University

Falmouth University

Oxford City

Plymouth University


South Coast Seagulls 1

South Coast Seagulls 2

Swansea University

Warwick University

Welsh Dragons


League Entries now CLOSED 

Entries for the South West Women's League 2017/18 are now closed. 


League Secretary and e-mail address

We are delighted to bring on board Bryony Osmond (South Coast Seagulls) and Irene Moynihan (Bath City) as the new league secretaries for 2017/18 Season. On behalf of the South West Committee we would like to thank Goldy for her hard work and dedication to the league for the previous 2 seasons and wish Bryony & Irene all the best in asministering the Senior League for the upcoming year!


If you have any questions about the league, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the following e-mail address:  seniorleague@southwestlacrosse.co.uk


League Structure

The league this year will continue to run as a series of monthly tournaments, with points awarded at each tournament. The structure of the tournaments will be reviewed at the November Committee Meeting, where the following proposal will be assessed:

All tournaments ater the Christmas break will be split into 2 divisions. Teams will be placed into groups depending on their league standings at the end of the 3rd tournaments, and will play against teams in their division for the remaining 3 tournaments. If 7 teams or less are attending a tournament they will play a round robin.


New Points Allocation

With an increased number of teams in this year's league we have introduced a new points scoring system for the league tournaments:


1st = 20 points

2nd = 18 points

3rd = 16 points

4th = 15 points

5th = 14 points

6th = 13 points

7th = 12 points

8th = 11 points

9th = 10 points

10th = 9 points

11th = 8 points

12th = 7 points

13th = 6 points

14th = 5 points

15th = 4 points

16th = 3 points

17th = 2 points

18th = 1 point