2014/15 Season


South Coast Seagulls are South West 2014/15 League Champions!!


Huge congratulations to the newly formed Seagulls team (a combination of Bournemouth and Southampton) who after topping the table after Christmas secured their position as league champions at the last tournament on 12th April 2015. Team coach, Dan Osmond, was thrilled with how well the combination of the two teams worked so well together on the pitch:

"This season has been fantastic and combining with Bournemouth has been great for the players and myself as coach also.For me the result this season is too good to be true, 12 months ago the Southampton club was on the brink of folding so to have completed the season and finished top of the league is very special and very unexpected. The teams have combined extremely well and players from both sides have enjoyed playing with each other so I see no reason to change the arrangement for next season, it's fun, beneficial to the players and takes away much of the headache of trying to get a team together for a fixture. Huge thanks to Helen for all her hard work, without that we may not have had a season let alone one as successful as this has been."


Michelle Bray, Club Captain on the Bournemouth side, was equally please with their result this season:

“On behalf of the Bournemouth wing of the Seagulls team, it’s been great to combine with Southampton for the league this year as we have not had any major problems with finding enough players and the two training hubs have combined together pretty seamlessly on the pitch.  It looks as if we will stay as a combined team next year as we slowly build up the numbers."


So it looks like the Seagulls will be back next year to try and retain their title!