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South Coast Seagulls are 2014/15 SW League Champions!


Huge congratulations to the South Coast Seagulls who were crowned League Champions at the final league tournament on Sunday 12th april 2015!


Dan Osmond and Michelle Bray sum up their experience with the combined South Coast team - read more


National League Finals

The Seagulls went on to compete at the National League Finals on Sunday 26th April against a Cobham/Hitchin/Reading team. The Seagulls came away runners up after an extremely tense, end to end game which went right down to the final minutes. Team coach, Dan Osmond, sums up their experience:


"Initially the SE team got the upper hand and went a couple of goals ahead early on and it looked like it could turn in to a rout but the Seagulls rallied and started to play their way back in to the game with each team more or less trading goal for goal putting the half time score on the board with the Seagulls trailing by 1 goal. During the second half the Seagulls started to gain the upper hand a small amount and started leading more regularly leaving the SE team to chase the game more. The game came down to the final few minutes with the SE team bringing all the pressure to bear and managing to erode the Seagulls lead, finally scoring twice in the last 3 minutes to secure a 16-14 win for the SE. There were some outstanding performances from players on both sides, the SE Centre was dominant on the draw and had a huge impact in creating plays, assigning a permanent double team on her was not able to limit her impact. The SE goalkeeper also was phenomenal and had a huge influence on the narrow margin between the scores, regularly frustrating the Seagulls shooters from all angles and ranges.


For the Seagulls there were superb performances by Alana Zukas who covered incredible ground and was the key play maker over all as well as scoring a hatful of goals as well. Alana was very deservedly awarded player of the game but was closely challenged by top performances from Lizzie Sharp, Lizzie Umbers, Michelle Bray and Kirsty Marsden, all of whom stood out during the game.


The format of the game was good, very well run with 4 officials and a scoring table, it was somewhat of a disadvantage to the Southampton players who haven't been involved in a full match for some years now and certainly never involved in one run to that standard but it was a good experience and a great end to a fantastic season. To go in not knowing what to expect about the standard of the opposition was daunting but to have such a nail biting match throughout was incredible."