Tournament 3


Another fantastic day of lacrosse at Westonbirt in the last tournament before christmas. The morning session comprised of two mixed pools of 4 teams competing for positions in the afternoon groups. Bristol Bombers 1, Cheltenham Cougars, Birmingham and Southampton Ladies secured their places in group one and Bristol Bombers 2, Plymouth Uni, CSM and Bath City in group two.  

There was success in the afternoon for both Bombers teams, with Bombers 1 winning group 1, remaining undefeated going into christmas, and Bombers 2 winning group 2, placing them 5th overall.  

Umpires benefitted from mentoring from Paul Jenkins throughout the day, with lots of good feedback received.  

A great tournament and chance for our ladies to practice ahead of regional trials - good luck to all of our South West club players that are trialling for the Senior teams!


Final standings and point allocations from Tournament 3 are as follows:

1st: Bristol Bombers 1 = 18

2nd: Cheltenham Cougars = 16

3rd: Birmingham = 14

4th: Southampton Ladies = 12

5th: Bristol Bombers 2 = 11

6th: Plymouth Uni = 10

7th: CSM = 9

8th: Bath City = 8