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4th October 2015 Westonbirt School

Written By Bliss McFarlane


Westonbirt hosted the first tournament of the season which saw 9 teams compete against each other, including several new teams: Bristol University, Swansea University and Oxford City all made debuts. Despite the early morning fog threating to delay proceedings, the tournament got underway on time to start the 2015/16 season for the South West. With only 6 minute halves, games would be tough and fast paced.

Bristol Bomber’s opening game saw them compete against tough Birmingham team and both teams played consistently up until the final whistle, which saw the final score being 2-0 in the Bombers favour. Later in the day the Bombers were back in action against Bath ladies, securing a comfortable win with the final score being 8-0. Overall the Bombers were undefeated, with a draw against Oxford City preventing their clean sweep, leaving them top of the table at the end of the day.

Bath Ladies were short on numbers for this first tournament and competed well against Swansea Uni resulting in a draw, and close loss to Cardiff Nebula. But as is the way with most tournaments they ran out of steam towards the end of the day, suffering losses at the hands of Bristol Bombers, Birmingham and Oxford. Bath Ladies finished the day in joint 9th position with Swansea University.

Oxford made their mark on the tournament winning 5 out of their 8 games throughout the day, and fought hard during a very close game against Bristol Bombers. They are definitely ones to watch. Oxford finished in 4th place, a great tournament debut.

The South Coast Seagulls were back to retain their title from last season. Strong from the outset they won 6 out 8 of their games narrowly losing to Bristol Bombers in what was a very exciting match, and drawing with Birmingham. The Seagulls finished in 2nd place with 34 points

Swansea University had a tougher debut than the Oxford girls, but were strong on competitive throughout. They had a very close game with Bath Ladies, with the final score being 4-4 but were and competed well against Bristol University and Bath City.

Birmingham had a great start to their day, but seemed to tire towards the end of the day and finished in 5th place after winning 4 of their 8 games. Tight games with the seagulls and Swansea showed that Birmingham are ones to watch and will be looking to climb up the table this season.  

Bristol University made their debut a memorable one with a huge wins against Swansea and Bath Ladies. A young a feisty team they had some great passages to play and will definitely be looking to improve on their 6th place at the next tournament.

Cardiff Nebula have started this season in style, and as a team they have improved in bucket loads over the past 2 seasons. They could be the one’s to watch and knock Bristol Bombers or the Seagulls off the top spot. They had a successful day, winning comfortably against both Swansea and Oxford, and with good games against Bristol Uni and Bath City. A draw against Birmingham gave them with 29 points leaving them in 3rd place overall at the end of the day.

Bath City had some great games, especially their match against the other Bath team Bath Ladies, where there was plenty of skill and speed. Bath City are another team who have continually improved at these tournaments over the seasons and they will be delighted to take home the win against Bath Ladies 7-2 and finish 7th over all finished with 12 points.

After the performances at the first tournament of the season it is looking like the South West league is going to be extremely close and hard fought and there are a number of teams eager to make their mark. Congratulations to Bristol Bombers who took the first tournament to top the league table.

Well done to all teams involved in the tournament. The next tournament will take place on the 1st November at Westonbirt School.