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Indoor Tournament - Report & Results


The annual South West League Indoor tournament took place on Saturday 23rd January at Merchants Academy Sports Centre. A total of 14 teams competed in the tournament made up from 9 league teams and guest appearance from West London Lacrosse Club.


West London's attendance at the South West tournament was part of their annual lacrosse tour, where the club visits a different UK city to play some lacrosse and spread the word about lacrosse in London. It was great to have them at the tournament and we hope to see them back in the South West again in the near future!


The 14 teams were split into 2 groups of 7 and played a straight round robin in each group. It was intenses and fast paced lacrosse in a very small area making stick work, reactions and footwork extremely important. It took a while to get used to this format of the game however all teams played some great lacrosse and it was Bristol Bombers who came out as eventual winner.


The overall standings were calculated on the team's position in their group, followed by number of wins and then goal difference. There were no regular league points up for grabs as it's an indoor tournament and not the usual outdoor format, however all teams recieve a bonus league point for attending. You can see how this affects your team in the league table here. 


Results were as follows:


1 Bombers 1

2 Bombers 3

3 Seagulls 2

4 Cardiff Nebula

5 West London 2

6 Bombers 2

7 Oxford

8 West London 1

9 Bristol Uni

10 Seagulls 1

11 Bath

12 Swansea

13 Birmingham

14 Aber