The Women’s South West league returned to the beautiful grounds at Westonbirt School for the first time in the New Year. 10 teams arrived at the slightly chilly and overcast school, but thankfully the sun came out just before the first game providing perfect conditions for the rest of the tournament!

As with the previous tournament, teams were allocated into 2 pools depending on their current league position for their morning matches. Bath Ladies were back to full strength winning all their group 1 matches. Exeter and Birmingham showed great potential in the lead up to the competition but when faced with Bath Ladies found them conceding narrow losses.

The Seagulls returned this week with key players both old and new, allowing them to illustrate quickly their dominance in their group with convincing wins over both Aberystwyth and Bath LC. The ever-improving Aberystwyth team showed their growing strength in a highly competitive match against Bath LC losing by just 1 goal.

Bristol Bombers were back producing some highly competitive lacrosse securing a victory against Cardiff Nebula. But just missed out on a second win against a determined Cardiff Quinns team, who continued their winning streak to go on and beat Cardiff Nebula in their final game before lunch securing themselves a spot in the top group.

The afternoon saw Bath Ladies, Seagulls and Cardiff Quinns placed in the top group, with Exeter, Bath LC and Bristol Bombers in the second, meaning Birmingham, Aberystwyth and Cardiff Nebula would face one another in the final round of the day. Seagulls continued their morning success and set the pace for the top group in the afternoon, winning both their matches placing first in the final standings. Both Cardiff Quinns and Bath Ladies fought hard in their game, and by the final whistle Cardiff Quinns were the victorious team beating Bath Ladies 5-3.Exeter started their afternoon off strongly beating Bath LC 10-1. Unfortunately they couldn’t stamp the same authority in their game against Bristol Bombers, placing them 4th overall and Bristol Bombers 3rd.

A huge effort from Cardiff Nebula saw them victorious against Birmingham and Aberystwyth meaning they finished 6th overall. Birmingham’s final game saw them claim a 3-0 victory against Aberystwyth who were unsuccessful in securing a win during the afternoon.

The standard of lacrosse continues to impress and seems to only be getting better! Congratulations to all teams and coaches involved and final congratulations to the tournament champions South Coast Seagulls.